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A selection of canapes available:

Canapes are particularly at informal weddings, receptions etc. The guests can mingle with others while being served a light nibble. We have an extensive list of canapes to suit every taste and style of party and event.

Please see our range of Veg and Non-Veg (Chicken, Lamb & Fish) starters:

Veg Starters
* Samosa Stir fried vegetables wrapped in triangular shaped homemade pastry
Mixed bhajiya A variety of fresh diced vegetables fried in a gram flour batter
Dhokla Chickpea cake steam cooked with mustard seeds & coriander
Double decker dhokla 2 colours
Tiranga Dhokla 3 colours
Palak and Corn Pakora Spinach and sweetcorn deep fried in gram flour batter
Petis Crispy potato coating with a delicious peas and coconut centre
* Harabhara Kebabs Green peas exotically spiced
Idli Sambhar Steam cooked rice flour cakes served with a South Indian curry
Methi & Onion Fenugereek leaves & onion fried in a gram flour batter
* Paneer Tikka Indian cheese marinated over night in ginger, garlic, red chillies and lemon
Chaat / Samosa Chat Mixture of dry rice, sev, fried pastry crisps, chickpeas & potatoes Richly flavoured with sweet tamarind sauce & topped with yoghurt and coriander
* Bhel Mixture of dry rice, sev, fried pastry crisps, diced potatoes & chickpeas. Richly flavoured with sweet tamarind sauce & chilli and coriander sauce
Spring Rolls Shredded vegetables stir fried and wrapped in a roll
Aloo Tikki Spicy mashed potatoes cakes wrapped in breadcrumbs
Onion Bhajis Deep-fried spicy onion cakes
Mogo Cassava chips
Chilli Mogo Pieces of cassava stir fried with chillies & capsicum
Jeera Mogo Cassava cubes cooked in cumin seeds and a dash of lemon
Tandoori Mogo Diced cassava cooked in Tandoori sauce
Schezuan Mogo Cassava strips & mixed peppers cooked in a schezuan sauce
Kachories Crushed peas rolled into a ball, dipped in gram flour & fried. Homemade
* Vegetable Cutlets Diced vegetables wrapped in breadcrumbs
* Homemade Patra Malanga leaves steam cooked wrapped in a chickpea paste and coated with fresh coriander
* Chilli Paneer Diced Indian cheese, onions & capsicum stir-fried in chilli and Soya sauce indo-chinese
Chilli Mushrooms Sliced mushrooms stir fried with onions and capsicums Chinese style
* Paneer Pakora Cubed Indian cheese deep fried in spicy gram flour batter
Sev khamni A surti dish , cooked lentils served with sev
* Vegetable Sheekh Kebab Minced Cottage Cheese, vegetables and potato cooked on a skewer
* Vegetable jalfrezi Fresh vegetable pieces shallowed fried in a jalfrezi sauce
Khandvi Indian pasta rolls garnished with grated coconut coriander, sesame seeds and sprinkled with cayenne pepper
Chilli bhajiya Fresh green chillies fried in gram flour buitter
Crispy bhajiya Thin slices of potato’s fried in gram flour ( best served fried on site )
Non-Veg Starters
Chicken Samosa Triangular pastry filled with minced chicken and spices Homemade
Spring Roll Spicy minced chicken wrapped in filo pastry
Chicken Tikka Boneless breast cooked in deliciously spiced yoghurt
Masala Chicken Chicken marinated in our masala over night
Garlic Chicken Chicken cooked with garlic, spices and a touch of cream
Jeera Wings Chicken wings marinated in cumin seeds and whole black pepper
Chilli wings Chicken wings marinated in our special sauce and fried.
Tandoori Chicken Chicken pieces on the bone 
Chicken Pakora Tender chicken breast pieces marinated in ginger, garlic, coriander and spices and deep fried in batter
Butter Chicken Succulently marinated chicken breast pan fried in butter
Tangri Chicken Chicken drumstick pieces marinated in yogurt, gram flour and spices.
Murgh Haryali Chicken marinated in spinach, yogurt and spices.
Murgh Tikka Lahsuni - Chicken marinated in curd and flavoured delicately with garlic.
Kali Mirch Tikka Chicken marinated in curd flavoured with pepper.
Murgh Malai Tikka Chicken marinated in cream and nuts.
Seekh Kebab Marinated minced lamb cooked slowly
Meat Samosa Spicy minced lamb wrapped in triangular shaped pastry Homemade
Tandoori Spiced Lamb Chops Lamb chops marinated in fresh spices 
Reshmi Kebab Chicken mince, floured with cumin and served on a skewer
Shami Kebab Spicy minced lamb kofta’s
Adraki Lamb Chops Lamb Chops marinated in a garlic and garlic yogurt & spiced,
Tandoori Lamb Chops Lamb Chops marinated in yogurt and spices
Fish (All fish items will incur an extra charge)
Tandoori King Prawns Fresh prawns cooked and stir fried in Tandoori sauce
Pili Pili Prawns King prawns pan fried in a luscious spicy red marinade
Chilli Garlic Prawns  
Fish Pakora Boneless white fresh fish deep fried in a spicy gram flour batter
Masala Fish Fish marinated in a blend of dry and fresh spices with a hint of lemon
Tandoori Fish Fish marinated with a dash of lemon and spices, cooked in the tandoor
Amritsari Fish Fish marinated in spices, flavoured with adjwain
Masala Fish/ Fish Pakora Chunks of fish coated with a spicy batter
Mahai Tikka Fish Fish marinated in spicy yogurt and cooked in the tandoor
Tandoori Salmon Salmon marinated with Indian spices and roasted in the tandoor.
Pili Pili Prawns Prawns coated in a spicy flour batter and pan fried until golden brown.
Chilli Prawns Pan fried King Prawns marinated in garlic and spices.
Jalpuri Gulnar Prawns dipped in a creamy yogurt, added with a blend of spices, roasted in the tandoor
Tandoori King Prawns King prawns stir fried in a Tandoori sauce and cooked in the tandoor.
Garlic Prawns Pan fried King prawns marinated in garlic and spices.