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Please see our range of Veg and Non-Veg (Chicken & Lamb) mains:

Veg Mains
Aubergine, Peas & Potatoes Fresh Aubergine, Petit pois and new potato’s
Aubergine & Potatoes Fresh Aubergine & Potato’s
** Dum Aloo Baby potato’s cooked in a rajasthani sauce made with soaked cashewnut paste
Saag Chole Fresh spinach leaves & chickpeas
Sweetcorn & Patra Sweetcorn and malanga leaves
Aloo & Pepper Potato & mixed pepper curry
Saag Aloo Fresh spinach & baby new potatoes.
Saag Sweetcorn Fresh spinach and sweetcorn.
Aloo Chole Baby potatoes and chickpeas Punjabi style.
Aloo Rajmah Red kidney bean and baby potatoes
Aloo Gobhi Fresh cauliflower and potatoes.
Aloo Ravaiya Baby aubergine & potatoes in dry Masala sauce.
* Aloo Bhindi Fresh okra and potatoes in dry sauce.
* Ugela Mung Dry sprouted mung daal cooked in spices
* Tindora Fresh sliced tindora cooked in spices (dry)
Dry Potato Koru Shak fried with cashew nuts.
Karahi Chole  Chickpeas cooked in a Masala sauce.
Chole Curry Chickpeas cooked in a spicy traditional Indian curry
* Whole Bhindi & Capsicum Fresh okra and sliced capsicums.
Vegetable Jhalfrezi Exotic vegetables and sliced capsicums.
Vegetable Tikka Masala Fresh vegetables in a creamy sauce.
Aloo Gobi Mattar Fresh cauliflower, peas and potatoes
Bhagatmuthiya Lentil dumplings in a rich curry
* Surti Undhiyu Exotic vegetables with chickpea dumplings.
* Akhu Shaak Baby aubergine stuffed with peanuts and baby potatoes
Val Chana White beans and black chickpea curry.
* Saag Paneer Fresh spinach and cottage cheese.
* Matter Paneer Petit pois and cottage cheese in a Masala gravy.
* SWEETCORN & PANEER Sweetcorn and cottage cheese curry sautéed with cashewnuts
* PANEER SHASLICK Cubes of cottage cheese, sir fried with capsicums, Soya sauce and black bean sauce
* Paneer Tikka Masala Cubes of paneer cooked in a creamy but spicy tikka sauce
* Paneer Biriyani Specially cooked basmati rice imbedded with cottage cheese and vegetables
Turya Patra fresh turya & patra
Chana Bateta Chickpeas and potatoes Gujrati style.
Jeera Aloo Baby potatoes stir fried with cumin seeds and black pepper.
Pili Pili Aloo Deep fried baby potatoes in a spicy Masala sauce.
Spicy Jeera Aloo Shallow fried potatoes with chillies and cumin.
Sweetcorn & Rajmah Red kidney bean and sweetcorn.
Vegetable Makhni Aassorted vegetables in a butter sauce.
Mix Veg & Aloo Fresh vegetables and baby potatoes.
Vegetable Korma An assortment of vegetables in a creamy sauce.
* Malai Kofta Dumplings of fresh cottage cheese in a creamy gravy.
* Vegetable Kofta Diced vegetable balls deep fried served in a curry.
* Navratan Korma An infusion of nine vegetables cooked in a Cashewnut gravy.
Tadka Daal Yellow lentils simmered for hours finished with a garlic roast.
Daal Makhani black lentils simmered in butter and cream.
Punjabi Urad Daal Black lentils cooked the traditional Punjabi style
Tuwar Daal Tuwar simmered then roasted. Gujrati Favourite.
Kadhi A light grain flour and sour yoghurt soup flavoured with cumin & curry leaf.
* Pau Bhaji
* Uttapa  
* Idli Sambhar  
Non-Veg Mains
Chicken Bhuna Boneless breast cooked with whole tomatoes and onion
Desi Chicken Boneless chicken in a real traditional gujarati curry
Chicken Jhalfrezi Sliced chillies and capsicums with chicken
Chicken Tikka Masala Traditional chicken Tikka in a creamy sauce.
Chicken Makhni Chicken Tikka cooked in a buttery sauce.
Chicken Karai Boneless breast and capsicum in a thick sauce.
Methi Chicken Fenugreek and spinach simmered with chicken.
Chilli Chicken Bneless breast in a spicy Masala sauce.
Jeera Chicken Chicken stir fried with cumin seeds and black pepper.
Saag Chicken Spinach and mustard leaves cooked with chicken.
Desi Chicken Chicken curry cooked home style.
Chicken Pasanda Boneless breast in a creamy almond sauce.
Chicken Lababdar chicken Tikka in a fresh tomato gravy.
Chicken Roganjosh Boneless chicken in a tomato sauce using fresh, dry roasted spices.
Masala Chicken Chicken stewed in a thick sauce.
Keema Mattar Minced lamb and fresh peas, seasoned with cardammon.
Keema Masala Minced lamb cooked with a thick Masala sauce.
Aloo Keema Baby potatoes and minced lamb.
Lamb Karai Cubed of lamb and capsicum in a Masala sauce.
Lamb Roganjosh Diced lamb in a tomato sauce using fresh, dry roasted spices.
Lamb Pasanda Boneless lamb in a creamy almond sauce.
Palak Lamb Spinach and mustard leaves with lamb.
Methi Lamb Spinach and fenugreek leaves stewed with lamb.
Desi Lamb Lamb curry home style.
Lamb Machusi Lamb on or off the bone
Lamb Chop Curry Llamb chops stewed in a real curry sauce.
Masala Lamb Boneless lamb cooked in a thick Masala sauce.
Lamb Korma Cubes of lamb cooked in a creamy sauce.
Lamb Jhalfrezi Sliced chillies and capsicums with lamb.
Bhuna Gosht Boneless lamb cooked with whole tomatoes and onion.
Kofta Curry Spice minced meat balls cooked in a rich gravy sauce.